What Makes a Great Website?

Ah, the million dollar question – What makes a great website? The key answer lays in the visitor’s experience of the website.

For potential customers it comes down to:

  • How easy is the website to use? Can the customer figure out to do in less that 5 seconds? Can they easily find their answers and do the business they came to do easily and quickly?
  • Is the content useful, enjoyable, memorable? Is there anything offensive or off-putting? Does it read like keywords are stuffed into the text or does it flow?
  • Is the look and feel of the website distinctive, complimentary to your product or service?
  • Is the visitor’s experience intuitive, seamless and complete? Do they leave happy or frustrated?

For a search engine spider it comes down to:

  • Is the content accessible or is it hidden behind frames, flash or javascript?
  • Is the site structure easy to determine or is a XML site map provided?
  • Are the keywords of an appropriate density and in the correct places on the page?
  • Are the page title and meta description of an ideal length?
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