Search Engine Optimization (SEO) FAQ

  • Are you interested in more website traffic?
  • In more customer leads?
  • In more customers?
  • Then you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. A search engine is a tool many internet users use to find sites that are relevant to their needs. The three leaders when it comes to search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are however, hundreds of search engines available to internet users. Search engines work by sending out spiders to crawl through the Internet and gather information. If you have the information they’re looking for, in the places they are looking, they’ll find you and place you in their results when a person is looking for your information.

The task of understanding what search engines are looking for and putting it in the right places on your website and on the web, is the essence of search engine optimization. So now you might be asking…what do search engines look for and where do they look for it? The answer is keywords, links and activity.

Keywords are the phrases that a searcher types into the search box of a search engine. Every search is recorded and made available. This information can be used to predict search volumes, pick domain names and to decide which web pages should be created and optimized to attract those search engines and searchers.

Links are the hyperlinks in other websites that point to your website that are used by search engines to determine the popularity or authority of your website.

Activity is the user generated content on your website like blog comments, customer reviews, Facebook Like’s, etc.

Why do you need to do SEO?

  • According to a recent study, some type of search engine activity precedes over 80% of purchasing decisions. Searchers are by definition looking for something and you can catch them in the act of looking. This means that you are receiving people already interested in your product or service and you are not interrupting them like a telemarketer or a cold-caller.
  • According to another study, most searchers never go past the first search results page and even fewer get past the first entries. Also searchers tend to ignore the paid search results.
  • Also a recent study done by SEO Book and Forester Research showed that where in 2006 20-30% of clicks were on paid listings, that number has dropped today to 2-5%? The clicks have gone to the organic results because consumers have figured out that pay-per-click is advertising and people just tend to tune out advertising.
  • The hottest internet marketing trend is optimizing websites for organic search results. You can be certain that your competitors will be doing this if they have not already started.
  • Having a top search engine result can dramatically increase customer leads. Ensuring that your website is at the top of the results requires planning and consistent implementation.
  • Search Engines do not have to include your website in their listings. The key is to make your website attractive to them according to their ever-changing rules.

Why hire someone to do this? Can’t I do it myself?

  • SEO is a rapidly changing and evolving field that requires time and dedication to keep up with the changes. This is what I enjoy and am qualified to do.
  • New sites are constantly coming on stream. You are probably aware of Facebook and Twitter but did you know that for some types of business, YouTube is now receiving more search queries than Google? Are you aware of new game sites like FourSquare and GoWilla and how they could possibly help your business? How about review sites like Yelp and their ability to engage your customers and provide that internet activity that Google has required since June 2010.
  • Google frequently changes their search engine algorithm and they don’t publish the details. This has created an entire industry to find out what works by observation and testing. To keep up with the changes, requires reading the blogs and publications, attending the conferences and constantly taking new training. This is what I like and am qualified to do.
  • Any time you have to invest in these types of activities can be more effectively spent on business-building activities like blogging or twittering or learning more about your customers by perusing your website analytics. Leave the technical details to me.

The truth behind some SEO claims and techniques

  • If someone claims to be able to get you on page one in twenty-four hours, make certain that it is your website not some other webpage that contains a link to your website. This would require that the searcher click on that link and then that the webpage convince them to click on the link to your website. My plan will include both quick-acting but short-lived listings to boost your rankings until the slow-working but long-lasting activities kick in.
  • If someone claims to be able to get you on page one in twenty-four hours, make certain that it is for a search term that your customers are actually using. It is easier to be ranked for “Downtown Calgary Dentist” than “Calgary Dentist” but are people typing in “Downtown Calgary Dentist” into the search engines? Intuitively one might think so but there are ways to confirm.
  • Some link building schemes are set up in such a way that if you stop paying their monthly fee, all of the links that you paid for over the preceding months will disappear. Any links I create for you will be yours as long as they last.
  • By its nature SEO is an ongoing process so it requires an ongoing commitment. Make certain that any campaigns can be paused or adjusted to the minimal levels to maintain a page one ranking.
  • Does the SEO formula include the three critical factors – website optimization, link building to increase your authority and the new factor in the mix – activity by you and by your customers?
  • Search engines don’t accept just any link. The link has to be from a relevant and quality company. If a search engine suspects your links to be lacking, they’ll actually penalize you.
  • Some search engines will penalize you for web pages that contain substantially the same content which can be a problem with some automated SEO systems.

Why would you hire Yvette Tech to do your SEO?

  • I am local to Calgary and can meet with you personally. My familiarity with Calgary will help in getting your website ranked in the “local search” listings.
  • I am excited to get started in this new and exciting field. While taking my SEO training, I used my brother’s electrical company as a test case but he asked me to back off because he was receiving too many new leads!
  • I have over twenty years experience in Information Technology as a developer and technical writer including managing the Information Technology department for Baker Oil Tools. As a consultant, my customer list includes a diverse portfolio including Petro Canada, Theatre Calgary, TransCanada Pipelines, Nestlé Canada, Hydro-Fax Resource Ltd. and Canadian Hydrodynamics.
  • My formal education includes both Information Technology and a Bachelor of Arts in English. I’ve also completed SEO training.

Are you interested?

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