Prepare your website for Customers and Search Engines

Before you jump into creating your website, you should make some things clear:

  1. Your ideal client – Get a clear picture of your ideal client then target all your writing to that client. Your website design and content will be different for a major Oil company than it would be for a teenager.
  2. A Unique Selling Proposition for each product or service you offer – What makes you or your products or services unique in the marketplace? What could you do to make them unique?
  3. Keyword research – Make a list of the phrases you think that your potential customers would use to find you. Add the names of your products and services. Ask your existing customers what they would use. These are your keywords. If you want to learn how to expand this list and get an idea of how frequently people search for these words watch the first video on this page.
  4. Competition research – do a Google search on each of your keywords and then visit each of the websites that appear on the first page of search results. Get inspiration from what is already working.
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